The Newedge vision is to always be a responsible leader in the world of brokerage, an industry where transparency and impartiality are as important as speed and efficiency.

It is imperative, therefore, that Newedge be an independent market player, one that:

  • is distinct from parent banks
  • has minimized conflicts of interest
  • offers services directly to the markets.

Newedge operates with a transparent structure for effective corporate governance with a view to ensure autonomy across all stakeholders and operational functions.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Committee

Newedge Group's CEO: David Escoffier
Newedge Group's Deputy CEO: Olivier Hartemann

The Executive Committee of Newedge consists of core members who assist the CEO in the management of Newedge activities.

Chairman and Board of Directors - Newedge Group SA

Board Members

(as of May 7, 2014)

Director and Chairman: Christophe Mianné


  • Alain Bozzi
  • Christophe Lattuada
  • Vincent Mortier
  • Pascal Pinson

Board’s Committees

Three committees of the Board have been set up with direct oversight from the Board of Directors:

  • Accounts
  • Audit, Risk and Permanent Control
  • Remuneration

Newedge Group Organization