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About us

Newedge Group SA has fully merged into Societe Generale, by way of Transmission Universelle de Patrimoine under French law. Its subsidiaries are now directly owned and controlled by Societe Generale.

These subsidiaries are:

  • Newedge Financial Hong Kong Ltd
  • Newedge Broker Hong Kong Ltd
  • Societe Generale Securities Australia Pty Ltd
  • Newedge Broker India Private Limited
  • Newedge Japan Inc
  • Newedge Financial Hong Kong Ltd (Seoul Branch)
  • Newedge Financial Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Societe Generale Newedge UK Limited
  • Societe Generale Capital Canada Inc.

Our offer is fully integrated to Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking’s Global Markets offering. Visit www.cib.societegenerale.com for more information.