OTC Derivatives

As a major participant in the interbank markets, Newedge has regional specialists that facilitate FX OTC business for many global asset managers, hedge funds, and CTAs. With our focus on serving the institutional segment, we specialize in value-added services and can advise on all leading product types.


Newedge extends exceptional pricing in the OTC FX option market. We are a reliable provider of vanilla options, combinations of vanilla products, barriers (single or multiple) and derivative or complex options.

Our clients can utilize options across a vast number of currencies including those based on non-deliverable forwards. As a leading global provider of foreign exchange liquidity, customers benefit from our primary market position which generates a vast pool of neutral, anonymous market liquidity.


Newedge teams extend skilled assistance in the FX swaps markets, allowing customers to lock in the price of holding or taking delivery of a specified foreign currency at a future date, or providing an arbitrage opportunity between forward and spot rates. With the support of our FX team, customers use swaps as a funding mechanism against short-term borrowing or to speculate on interest rate movements.


Utilizing Exchange for Physical transactions (EFPs) allows Newedge clients to benefit from the deepest pools of OTC market liquidity while simultaneously giving the certainty of an exchange cleared product. All Finex and CME contracts are covered. As an active EFP provider, we supply aggressive swap pricing when the front month contract rolls forward.


Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) are offered in a unique partnership environment. We also are experienced in NDF pricing where the benefit of deep liquidity affords the highest level of pricing transparency and the most aggressive prices.