OTC Derivatives

Newedge presents clients with a strong inter-dealer business and institutional distribution network which can source liquidity from counterparties and facilitate orders on behalf of institutional and hedge fund clients. Newedge has been an active inter-dealer broker in channeling involvement in the OTC market by providing look-alike structures, single stock variance; index variance; and dividend swaps.

Equity Index Options

As a top global futures and options broker, Newedge and its teams of professionals specialize in efficient execution and clearing of equity index derivative contracts on exchange and OTC.

Equity Options

With equity options, investors can benefit from favorable price movements while limiting the downside consequences. Newedge customers can access OTC equity options that are used to hedge equity positions against risk or to speculate on price movements. To support these strategies, Newedge links equity options traders to individual equity details and a host of data.

Equity Swaps

Newedge’s specialist teams facilitate equity swaps, allowing clients to exchange future cash flows with a counterparty to best meet each trading objective.


Qualified Newedge clients have the ability to tap into the specialized Contracts for Difference market which allows investors to take long or short equity positions with no fixed expiry date or contract size.

* Generally not available in the United States and/or to United States legal entities operating abroad.

Variance Swaps

Newedge offers expertise in the brokerage of OTC variance swaps, which sophisticated clients use to receive pure exposure to the volatility of the underlying price without the potential directional risk of options.


Newedge provides liquidity and execution services for customers trading Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) focused on OTC markets.

Risk Arbitrage

The Risk Arbitrage group uses models and their extensive experience to facilitate equity arbitrage spread orders and strategies on an agency basis on behalf of clients. Strong relationships with major liquidity providers enable the desk to offer price improvement opportunities for its clients.