Exchange Traded Derivatives

We facilitate access to more than 85 stock and financial derivatives markets worldwide, and are among the leading brokers in the execution and clearing of equity index futures and options contracts for our institutional clients. Newedge provides sophisticated electronic solutions including a range of execution platforms as well as innovative straight-through processing capabilities.

Equity Index Futures and Options

As a top global futures and options broker, Newedge and its teams of professionals specialize in efficient execution and clearing of equity index derivative contracts. We are among the top brokers on the CME, Eurex, CBOE, LIFFE and Taifex exchanges.

Equity Options

Newedge listed options teams supply comprehensive derivatives macro-economic analysis involving detailed study of options trends that affect underlying stocks and their related sectors, and the ability to broker customized option strategies for clients on an agency basis.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Newedge offers agency facilitation and brokerage of global Exchange Traded Funds. We specialize in the creation and redemptions of ETFs, leveraging our Approved Participant status and global institutional relationships. We have extensive experience trading ETFs in many asset classes including international equity, commodity and fixed income products.

Newedge clients can currently utilize these services from our New York and London offices.

Single Stock Futures

We provide access and expertise to single stock futures markets. SSFs allow clients the use of leverage to control more stock with a smaller cash outlay than buying stock on margin. SSFs can be used to speculate, hedge, spread or use in various sophisticated trading strategies.