Cash Markets

Newedge provides cash equity execution for institutional clients through our global network of equity market memberships. Clients can submit orders by various means including care/voice orders, FIX orders through an OMS system, and Direct Market Access (DMA). In addition recent rule changes in the US have allowed Newedge USA to develop a program for portfolio margining.

Our cash equities execution desks include both sales traders and experienced traders, allowing for immediate and effective execution of client orders. Our sales traders also give ongoing market commentary and information. Products include:

  • Single stock equity execution
  • Basket trading
  • Program trading
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Pairs trading
  • ETFs
  • Switch trading – cash equity execution versus futures or options
  • CSAs – Commission Share Agreements

Care/voice orders

Newedge clients can place orders through a variety of methods including voice line, telephone, Bloomberg and Reuters. Orders are immediately executed by Newedge using our front office trading systems.

FIX Orders

Newedge's connectivity options include standard FIX protocol. Newedge can generally support direct exchange access from a client’s proprietary infrastructure ensuring optimal speed in leveraging its exchange memberships and interfaces. Orders can be sent via FIX directly into our OMS system, enabling clients to see real time fills and execution. We also offer hosting of client proprietary software at Newedge centers with a network infrastructure built for speed, redundant systems and maximum performance.

Direct Market Access

We provide Direct Market Access (DMA) to many global markets. We also access equities through various ECNs and dark liquidity pools, discretely executing large orders with minimal market impact.

Our electronic trading specialists are capable of providing various means of connectivity and provide broad support for client front end trading systems. Our DMA access also includes Algorithmic solutions. Newedge can provide pre- and post-trade analytics and can advise on the type of Algorithms to be used in different circumstances. We monitor all DMA trades and programs allowing immediate intervention if required by the client.