Broker Assisted Execution

At the heart of Newedge’s success is our global network of experienced execution professionals. We offer multi-asset expertise across listed derivatives, equities, fixed income, FX and commodities, with access to liquidity pools across global listed, cash and OTC markets.

Backed with this liquidity and our agency model, we help clients trade quickly and efficiently with minimized slippage. Our expert teams are capable of generating systematic approaches to exploiting trends as well as ad-hoc solutions.

Our broad client base allows us to offer access to depth and liquidity beyond the marketplace. It is this extensive customer reach that ensures we remain a leader in liquidity provision.

Because of this, Newedge has become a valuable and powerful counterpart to the market and constantly ensures that business is matched with the houses that work hardest to provide our clients with reliable and tight pricing, particularly during challenging moments of market illiquidity.

Globally, Newedge is a member of 85+ markets and ranks at or near the top in execution volume on the world's leading derivatives exchanges, holding a 12% global market share, and we consistently rank among the top US FCMs based on client assets on deposit.

We provide both traditional voice and electronic execution services that are specifically designed to meet our clients' unique requirements and to comply with the different global regulatory requirements. Newedge provides wholesale order matching capability as provided for by the crossing, block and basis trading rules of the various exchanges.

Complex care orders are handled adeptly, arriving in a variety of electronic formats and then skilfully executed by our experienced global brokers, often across multiple markets and assets classes.

Read more about Newedge's execution expertise across a wide range of asset classes:

  • Fixed Income / Interest Rates
  • Equities and Equities Indices
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Commodities.