Treasury and Collateral


Customers may request ‘zero’ margining whereby each excess/deficit in a single currency is automatically swept to the desired banking details every day. The cash executions paid to and received from Newedge on a daily basis are very flexible yet adhere to strict procedures to prevent money laundering and fraud.

To support our treasury and collateral management services, Newedge has established relationships with CREST, Clearstream, DTCC and Euroclear as international depositories for the receipt and delivery of securities. In addition to these relationships, Newedge can settle foreign exchange transactions and is a third party member of CLS covering most major currencies including NDFs (Non-Deliverable Forwards).

Our full SWIFT membership allows the instruction of customers and banks in all types of messages.

Collateral Management

Newedge is able to accept a wide variety of collateral to satisfy both initial and variation margin requirements. Detailed daily and monthly reports are available through our web portals which display these calculations online.

Newedge can also buy collateral on behalf of clients thanks to our internal treasury staff, either through repos or through outright trades in the market.

Our policy on collateral is generally as flexible as regulations allow, and we endeavor to accommodate client needs as best we can, subject to any credit/risk, clearing house, exchange and regulatory constraints.