Corporate Structure

Newedge means Newedge Group SA located at 52-60 Avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris, France, and all its branches and offices together with all companies owned materially or controlled in substantial part by or affiliated with Newedge Group SA and which bear the “Newedge” name, or their successors or assigns. Please refer to Global Offices for the list of all Newedge entities.

Enquiries about corporate authority of any Newedge representative

In accordance with Newedge Global HR policy, any Newedge employee can be identified by his/her corporate title and functional title used together (eg, Director, Deputy Head of Operations), or functional title alone (e.g. Deputy Head of Operations). A Newedge employee may not use a corporate title alone.

Please note, however, that directors, officers, and employees of Newedge may represent their relevant Newedge entity/company vis-à-vis third parties only as provided below:

  1. Only directors and officers of a Newedge company can bind the company for all purposes if evidenced by a proper corporate document.
  2. Only non sales employees may be duly authorized by a Newedge company and may commit that company vis-à-vis third parties to the extent expressly authorized by a corporate document such as a power of attorney, a certificate of incumbency or a list of authorized signatories.
  3. Front office/sales employees are not typically authorized to commit a Newedge company for any purposes other than engaging in trading and related activities on behalf of Newedge or its clients.  Please note also that Front office/sales employees bearing a managing director, director or any other title, associated with a business line or a production group name (e.g. Director, Fixed Income Sales or Managing Director, Commodities-Soft), are not deemed directors or officers of a Newedge company.

If you wish to have an authorized corporate officer list of a specific Newedge entity (including specific authorizations for each officer) or you have any questions concerning any aspect of the corporate authority of an employee of a Newedge company, please address your queries to your regular contact at Newedge or send an e-mail to