Mission & Values

Our ambition is to always be at the leading edge in the field of brokerage.

To this end, we are committed to reappraising ourselves continually to ensure our business model, offering and approach remain relevant to clients. At the core of this process are our Mission and our three Values: impartiality, partnership and inventiveness.


Put clients' interests first by helping to enable their strategies.

Grow our business progressively and sustainably by enhancing our core position in listed derivatives and industrializing further asset classes.

Behave like a challenger, continually changing and improving to champion clients' interests.



As a responsible industry leader in a changing environment, we understand the importance of transparency, integrity and rigorous ethical standards. 

These attributes are integral to our culture and inbuilt in our structure - as an independently-run, dedicated agency broker, our model dictates that clients always come first and we minimize potential sources of conflicts of interest.


Newedge works in a spirit of partnership.  Relationships with customers and between our teams are based on mutual respect, valued contribution and trust. Results-oriented and focused on common goals and approaches, our people are accountable team players committed to providing a high level of service to every client.


To maximise value for our customers, we draw on the talents and energy of our highly skilled teams and their ability to anticipate and respond to fast-moving markets. Our commitment to invest in innovation is fundamental to the enduring competitiveness of our business.