Our Customers

We work closely with clients to understand their needs and then deliver relevant, efficient and cutting-edge solutions that give customers the necessary freedom to pursue their investment strategies.

Clients choose Newedge knowing that we can help to maximise opportunities on listed markets, where speed, security and transaction price are paramount; and on OTC markets where customisation, confidentiality and counterparty solvency are crucial.

Financial Institutions

At Newedge, financial institutions can enjoy a robust portfolio of core services that simplify the management of investment strategies by offering virtually a one-stop shop for execution, clearing and risk analysis.

Clients benefit from our broad range of execution and clearing services on listed and OTC derivatives and securities.

Newedge offers a consolidated clearing platform across markets, an efficient, rapid allocation system and a multitude of value-added services such as margin financing, lending and borrowing services, centralized processing and comprehensive reporting of portfolios.

In addition to our shareholder banks, Newedge itself has banking status. For our financial institution customers, this provides a measure of strength and stability over a traditional brokerage model. As a bank, Newedge must meet strict banking standards pertaining to financial reserves and regulatory procedures.

Hedge Funds / CTAs / Investors

Newedge provides its hedge fund and CTA clients with agility, speed and the global market coverage to meet their broad-based strategies.

Our global range of execution, clearing and prime brokerage services on equities, fixed income, foreign exchange and commodities (agricultural and softs, metals, energy and emissions), and their related listed and OTC derivative products are also extremely attractive to these customers.

We offer sophisticated financing and risk management options including cross margining, portfolio margining, and securities lending and borrowing across approved instruments and asset classes. This allows our hedge fund and CTA clients to best utilize capital to meet their trading and risk strategies. In addition, we also extend to our clients electronic trading solutions, hedge fund start-up services, quantitative information for investors, dedicated account management and targeted capital introductions.

Asset Managers

Newedge offers fast, accurate one-stop execution, clearing and prime brokerage solutions designed to optimize market responsiveness of our Asset Manager customers, along with the tools and technologies to facilitate their day-to-day operations.

We provide a wide range of execution and clearing services on listed and OTC derivatives and securities products, such as tangible commodities (agricultural and softs, metals, energy and emissions), fixed income, forex and equities.

Asset Managers can also benefit from a variety of value-added services, an extensive set of reporting tools, Straight-Through Processing (‘STP’) solutions and an efficient, rapid allocation system.

Professional Trading Groups

Newedge has a dedicated business line designed to serve professional trading groups worldwide with global clearing, execution and financing services spanning multiple asset classes.

Our business focus remains our strong offering in futures and options on listed financial and commodity markets. Our offering extends to cash markets and OTC derivatives in fixed income, foreign exchange, equities and indexes, and commodities including agriculturals and softs, energy and emissions and metals.

We leverage the speed and scope of the Newedge network and our deep product coverage, to offer:

  • access to more than 85 global derivative and stock exchanges
  • cross-border, multi-asset margin financing
  • worldwide 24-hour risk management
  • global e-trading
  • accurate and timely data flow to clients.


Corporate clients at Newedge include some of the world’s leading agricultural, energy and metals producers and processors who play a key role within the production chain and seek to implement secure long-term strategies. Newedge, with its turnkey execution, clearing and financing options, provides corporate clients with an integrated, one-stop brokerage solution.

As a global leader in commodities brokerage, Newedge provides targeted services focused around the transformation and commercialization of commodities. These include:

  • futures execution and clearing on major commodities and financial
  • exchanges
  • global e-trading
  • margin financing, deliveries and research capabilities
  • OTC brokerage
  • inventory financing
  • treasury management services