Success in Risk & Energy Risk Commodity Rankings 2013

Tue, 19 Feb 2013
Brand & Communications

Newedge Commodities affirmed its leadership position in the latest edition of Risk Magazine, which presented their annual rankings for Risk & Energy Risk Commodity in multiple categories.

Newedge was selected as Number 1 broker in Soft Commodities and among Top 5 brokers overall in Energy & Metals.

In addition, Newedge ranked:

  • No. 2 dealer for Zinc
  • No. 3 broker for US Natural Gas
  • No. 4 dealer for Nickel
  • No. 5 dealer for Lead
  • No. 6 dealer/brokers for Base Metals

"Risk and Energy Risk received 1,233 valid responses to this year’s survey", according to the Risk magazine article.

Voters were asked to nominate their top three dealers and brokers, based "on a variety of criteria, including pricing, liquidity provision, counterparty risk, speed of execution and reliability. In that sense, this poll should be considered a reflection of how market professionals view their peers in terms of overall quality of service".

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