Futures and Options Calendar

Newedge provides a comprehensive trading calendar used daily by traders to access key information on futures and options contracts.

Covering nearly 400 of the most heavily traded contracts across 30+ exchanges, the calendar provides the following detail:

  • contract specifications
  • first notice and last trading day information
  • exchange holidays
  • key economic indicator release dates
  • various market statistics

Our trading calendar is available electronically or as a hard copy.  For hard copies, please contact your account executive.  Additional exchange and market information is available via our password protected client portal.

Press Contacts

Jim Galvin
+1 (212) 278 7131

Asia Pacific
Sean Pattwell
+852 3768 4543

Saphia Gaouaoui (Paris)
(+33) 1 58 98 03 60

Murray Parker (UK)
(+44) 20 7676 6771